Sontag’s music seeks to move listeners to examine the deepest part of themselves.

- Matthew Denis, The Register Guard 


Katie Sontag writes songs that are honest and vulnerable. Her vocals, lyrics, and melodic lines capture audiences and takes them on an intimate journey. Her unique performance style combines singer/songwriter with song leader making for an engaging and interactive performance. At Katie's show you will laugh, cry, and make new friends. Her music has been described as "a big hug."  She also writes, leads, and teaches acapella part songs that have traveled all over the country and been adapted for choirs in Portland, Boulder, Austin & Big Sur. She performs with her band Katie Sontag and the Love Notes and is half of the duo, smalltime. Katie also leads old time sing-a-longs at Assisted Living, Memory Care & Rehab Centers and hosts a weekly Open Mic in Eugene. She recently released her self produced album Still Breathing in February 2020 and released her first album with collaboration with her first band Temple Under the Stars in 2018.

I feel a lot of things                

                                                                              then I write songs 

      because I am feeling

                   a lot things                                                                                                                         to help me

                                                                                                                                                          with the feelings

 and then i sing them                                                                                             

on stage  and sometimes                                                                                                              it brings up a lot of feelings


     so if you feel feelings                                                                                                              like i feel feelings

                  then we could                                                                                                              probably be friends

                                  and i invite your feelings like i am inviting my own feelings right now.

- Oregon Country Fair 2018

Two Time Winner of Homemade Jams: Songs to Grow a Better World

Resonate Choral Arts' Songwriting Contest



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"Even when depression is numbing my emotions, Katie's hauntingly vulnerable music can stir up deep feelings--the exquisite pain of heartbreak, the warmth of a loved one's hug, the awe of a starry night. I'm always excited to attend her song circles, where she gently and encouragingly guides singers of all levels into sweet and beautiful harmonies, fostering feelings of joy and fellowship."

~ Yosef, Portland OR ~ 

"Such sweet, soulful, heart lifting, tender, funny, brilliant lyrical wonderfulness....all wrapped up in a delightfully refreshing voice! Katie Sontag’s songwriting will touch your heart, make you laugh, inspire tears, have you singing along, make you feel like you truly belong! And of course, you do!"

~ Cathy Baker, Choir Director, Victoria,BC 

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Yesterday I was in line, waiting to check out at Grocery Outlet. The woman in front of me was talking to the cashier saying, “Yesterday I listened to some music and it changed my mood and my entire day.” I always love to hear about music that inspires people and asked her who she was listening to, expecting something mainstream. When she said Katie Sontag, we had a shared moment of love and appreciation for Katie's music! Not only is her music helping to shift and uplift people’s lives, she is also bringing people together out in the community. ~Tikka Bee, Eugene, OR~