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Have Faith

It's like when
The whole world is on your side
But your convinced
It is otherwise 
Even though it's right there looking you
in the eyes with so much

But you're heart is tight
Wrapped around itself
You don't know what to do 
As the morning is held
In suspended time as the clouds go by
And the sun's not out yet

Then the moment comes that makes the day worth it
You feel what's there underneath the surface
You stand in awe of water falling down to rocks into the stream listening
As she sings

Have faith in this world
Everything comes to an end and then goes around again
Have faith in this world
You can rest awhile here my child until you find your faith
Find your faith

Maybe life is just a moment in time
Then another one and another one just passed you by
You reach out to grab it but it's already gone
You've got this pain
In your body and brain
You don't know what to do 
So you just do the same
Complete the task
Move so fast
Don't stop to feel

Then the moment comes that makes the day worth it
A friend appears who knows you past the surface
She looks through all your walls and over insecurities and into purities
And she sings

Have faith in this world
Trust that there's a reason and a rhyme
Everything in good time
Have faith in this world
You can stay here until your strong
However long it takes to find your faith
Find your faith

Then the moment comes x4

Then the moment comes that makes it all worth it
Humans come together for a purpose
And together we believe there's another way to live in harmony
And we sing

Have faith in this world
Together we are strong this is where you belong
You are part of this world
You craft your gifts you do your part
Your life is a work of art
You found your faith x4


My Truth

Gotta be true to myself I don't 
fit in a box gotta
Keep my heart open
Keep myself unlocked with
Each step I take I'm going 
Where I need to go
Gotta be true, gotta be true to myself

When I look back at my life what is is I see
The more authentic I became the more I've been set free
And in the end we all depend on our vulnerablity
And our community


Bring true is the bridge across the sea
of who I think I'm supposed to be
To the land of who I am, who I am
It's the ground upon which I stand
Taking both of these hands and
The life I want to live


When the road is overgrown and the next step not clear
When my eyes are clouded by all my tears and
When I want to hide away in all my fears
I'll reach out to you
You'll help get me back to
My truth, My truth (to fade)

You Lost Me

I wish 10 months ago when I told you who I was

And I said that it's been fun

But your just too young

You would've said I was right

But instead you put up a fight

And you told me I was wrong

And that I should hold on

And look, 10 months later whose heart is broken on the floor and look who's

So empowered, walking out the door as if

Breaking someone's heart is about your personal growth

Well I don't see it that way

And I know I'm gonna grow from this

And I know that I will find my bliss

And I have heard of all that shit

But right now I wish I could cause you pain

Cause I think it is you to blame

And you should be going insane

Because you lost me

You lost me

Maybe you don't see

The last 10 months have mostly been about you

And all your insecurities which now I see as true

And I gave you all my love

But i guess i wasn't mom enough

And I'm glad she's still there

Cause you still need her care

Cause I'm a grown ass woman with a

fucking awesome life

And I'm gonna go live it because I'm

nobody's wife

And I'm done with the story that I need a man

To feel good about myself

I don't see it that way

And I know I'm gonna grow from this

And I know that I will find my bliss

And I believe in all that shit

And I know that I will be just fine

And it's a matter of time

Before I forget all about you

And I can't wait

Don't Forget

Don't forget to brush your teeth

Even when your sad

Then at least your mouth will still feel clean

When everything else feels bad

Don't forget

To go outside

Even when all you want to do is hide

At least the air is fresh out there

Who knows what you might find

When the tides of life take you and toss you around

When the only steady thing

is the dripping dripping sound

of the sink in your apartment

Where you live alone

Can you find

that home?

That you make

for yourself

when you brush your teeth and treat yourself so well

so take care in your despair

don't forget to brush your hair

and your teeth, don't forget to brush your teeth,

just make sure you brush your teeth.